1995 Titan HPR E-one ARFF(SOLD)

Excellent platform to build up your perfect ARFF. You need Dry Chemical, there is a space for it. Choose what port you want to discharge D.C from, add a Reel, Piggy back off the Roof Turret/or maybe you want to add a Bumper Turret and Piggy back off of it. Maybe you need Ladders/Evacuation Stairs mounted/ Installed. Ladders/Stairs can be very difficult to install/remove. Especially in an Emergency situation. We can custom design you a system where one person can Install/Remove them quickly and safely. Additional Hose Storage? Hydraulic/Electric Rescue Tools Installed/Mounted. And anything else that would make the job for your personnel easier, safer, and more efficient at saving lives and property.


  • Less than 15,000 miles.
  • Seating Capacity for Three(Two seats w/ SCBA Brkts).
  • Tank Capacity- 1500 gallon/200 Foam.
  • Air Connection Auto Eject(Driver Side Step).
  • Battery Auto Eject(Driver Side Step).
  • Mech Susp. Driver Seat.
  • Electric Mirrors(Side mirrors on cab).
  • Manual Pre-connect 1.5 with gauge 95 GPM L-2.
  • Dual Ground Sweeps 50 GPM.
  • Recept Twist Lock 15 Amp/110 volt(Each side of truck).
  • 500 W qtz light(Front Top Center of Cab).
  • 4 500 W qtz lights(Forward and Rear Top sides of body).
  • 8.5 KW Diesel Generator (Remote Start from cab).
  • Air Conditioning.
  • Akron Non-Asp man. Roof Turret (single agent, water/foam).
  • Booster Reel 200 x 1 (R-1 compartment).